Call of Duty Streamer Accidentally reveals that he’s Cheating in stream and loses his Twitch channel!

Call of Duty Streamer

Recently, a famous Call of Duty: Warzone streamer, named MrGolds got himself trapped in an awkward situation.


Well, in the middle of the stream when there were about 1800 viewers. He was bragging about how good was he at the game. And, just then the cheat engine that he used to pop on his desktop. Well, all his viewers then caught him cheating live in the stream.


This incident happened when MrGolds was waiting in the Warzone lobby. He was clipped and shared on Twitter by Era7e. Era7e is known for streaming Call of Duty on Twitch.

MrGolds during the stream said that he has good control over the recoil so he is good at the game. He bragged a lot about his gaming skills. You will find an EngineOwning window that is visible in the background of this screen below the task manager. EngineOwning is known for providing high-quality cheats for several games which includes Warzone.

Well, Call of Duty Streamer after this incident MrGolds denied that he was actually cheating. He said that in an Instagram post. He further said that he was not cheating that day. After that, he also streamed with background cameras which showed that he was not cheating and he didn’t have to cheat for winning a match.

Despite him showing his innocence, Twitch took the matter to a completely different level. Well, his channel has been removed from Twitch. According to the guidelines of Twitch, cheating, botting, hacking, or tampering is strictly prohibited.

Is it a temporary ban or a permanent one? Well, this is not known. Well, this depicted the increase of problems regarding cheating in Warzone even after Infinity Ward requested everyone to stop cheating.

Call of Duty is playable on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.


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