Call of Duty: Warzone- cheating is now become more and more common in the game!

Well, now it seems that cheating is becoming a huge problem in Call of Duty: Warzone and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare once again.


Call of Duty: Warzone- Just the previous week, forums and Reddit threads were filled with the players. They were discussing the issues of hacking that were persistent. Many players on the Activision Support forums were banned without any reason. They were trying to get the hackers under control as a fresh attempt. Whereas, the Reddit users were calling out the cheater who played unhindered continuously.


Well, no permanent end to this can’t be seen. The Call of Duty community can call out the hacking only when they see it. That was what a popular streamer of warzone named as TimTheTatman. Last week, during his stream he got a chance to confront a hacker.

Tim confronted the hacker who seemed to use an aim-bot which got him the perfect head-shots using the KAR rifle. When the streamer got eliminated because of that hacker, he decided to spectate the player for the rest of his match. He wanted to see how did he cheated actually. Well, it turned out to be pretty blatant.

But the things turned out to be much more interesting when the streamer Tim realized that the cheater was also pulled out his stream. Tim called out, “Nod up and down if you can hear me.” The hacker seemed to respond to that call by nodding.

Call of Duty: Warzone- You can watch the video here:

While looking into the gameplay of the hacker, Tim asked him a few questions. He was willing to know them a little better. It seemed that the hacker was using an alternative account. And also that the ban is not going to slow them down. What is more alarming is that the hackers tend to use the account for over a year. And he has been cheating for about six months.

When Tim asked the hacker whether he is concerned about getting banned then he immediately responded that he is not concerned at all.

When Tim said the hacker that they are going to report him then he seemed to be least bothered. He completely knew the fact that his gameplay was viewed by more than hundreds of players.

After this incident, banning hackers doesn’t seem to be a permanent solution.

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