Carrion Game Guide- how to change abilities and get past lasers?

Carrion was released just on 23rd July 2020. Therefore, if you have the game then we might be able to answer the question that many people have. Carrion is a creepy, horror game. Also, be ready for the spoilers, which is related to many creatures and their abilities.


What is Cobweb Ability?


Well, this will be your first ability in the game which you will receive. This ability is also known as Arachnoptysis. Press the E button to shoot a cobweb, this is the default button on your PC.

You will see a lever where you will have to shoot the cobweb in order to push it. You can use these cobwebs in the same manner to push the switches. However, make a note that you cannot use this to pull anything. You can kill the humans as well as knock them down temporarily. However, you can also make use of it against a tough enemy but how? We’ll tell you afterward.


How to Get the Past Lasers?

Getting past the lasers is not that tough as what we think, it’s quite simple. You will have to unlock the Cloaking ability in order to get past the lasers. Once the blue bar at the top is filled you can press the Q on your PC in order to get invisible. Then you will be able to go past the lasers. One thing which you must keep attention to is that this bar drains quite quickly when you use it.

If you want the cloak ability, then zap yourself at a power generator.

How long it takes to complete?

According to some of the players, it will take on average around 3 and a half hours to complete the game.

How to save your gameplay?

You will have to find a hive in order to save your progress. Along with saving your progress, you will also gain biomass. The white lines show the hives that haven’t formed and the brown one shows the already found hives.

How to Heal or Gain Biomass?

If you succeed in saving a lot of hives, then you can completely heal yourself.

How to get past the Harpoons?

When you reach the third form of your character, then you will receive an ability called the Keratosis. You can then combine the explosive harpoons with this ability. After this, you will be able to break some of the obstacles also.

Carrion was launched on 23rd July for the Xbox One, PC, and Switch.

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