Cheaters on ‘Fall Guys’ got trapped on a secret server called Cheater Island

Fall Guys

The developers of Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout, Mediatonic shared new information about a secret server which has been removed now. This server was targeted to the cheater.


Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is a battle royale game which was launched in February of this year.


On Twitter, the developers revealed about the Cheater Island in the typical fashion of FallGuys.

Here’s the Tweet:

Fall Guys Ultimate Knockout
Fall Guys Ultimate Knockout – Cheaters got trapped on secret server called Cheater Island

This island wasn’t populated enough to keep the cheater in the fight with one another. Therefore, many cheaters were not able to find anyone to match with. So, most of them found themselves falling indefinitely.

And after this, the Cheaters were successfully able to bypass the Cheater Island. They used to do so by teaming up with their non-cheater friends. Several videos were leaked which features every player cheating in a level made its way online. Therefore, FallGuys had to shut down this Cheater Island server to prevent confusion.

Well, keeping aside the confusion and mess created by this Cheater’s island server. The idea of this server was innovative.

A Fall Guys update is arriving soon with a mystery release date. Well, the developers are looking forward to adopting a new anti-cheating method that is being used by games like Fortnite.

Therefore, there are chances that the players will have to face less cheating while their game and the match will be fair for everyone.

The game recently raised more than $1 million in charity for the Special Effect organization. The developers held an auction that rewarded the winners with custom Fall Guys skin.

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is playable on the PC and PS4.


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