Crusader King 3 1.1 patch is one of longest set of patch ever seen

Crusader King 3 1.1 patch

Crusader King 3, has released the new set of patch notes on September 28, 2020. It is a strategy based role-playing game. It was developed by Paradox Interactive. The 1.1 patch notes went live on Tuesday. The patch comes with several large and small fixes. It consists of a timely update for anyone interested in witchcraft.


Crusader King III was developed by Paradox Development. It is the sequel on Crusader Kings and Crusader King II.


Crusader King 3 was launched on September 1. The players were delighted to see that their characters can indulge in witchcraft. Most importantly, the players can also grow a coven of witches. They can do so by converting the other characters in close proximity. However, there was a bug which prevented them from holding a Grand Rite. Grand Rite is a magical event which would preternaturally boost your skills, as a result, you will be getting super-human abilities. The only way you can activate a Grand Rite is that you can use the debug mode of the game. This is probably cheating. However, the recent update fixed the problem.

If you play Crusader King 3 then there’s a lot more for you. This update probably brings the major changes in the game. The update brings major changes in the artificial intelligence of the game which will be made use of during the combat. Going to the war is not the major focus in the game. 

You can look into the complete patch notes of the update of Crusader King 3 here: CK3 Dev Diary #42 – 1.1 Patch Notes

Crusader King III was first announced during the PDXCon 2019 back in October 2019. However, it was released recently, on 1 November 2020.

Crusader King 3 is playable on the PC.


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