Deadly premonition 2- game attracts negative attention for handling transgender character

Deadly premonition 2: Released last week as a Nintendo Switch exclusive to a mixed reception from critics, several picked informed its management of various themes: together with a transgender character who is repeatedly deadnamed (addressed with the name used before their transition) and misgendered by the game’s protagonist.


It wasn’t a very smart look, and as a transgender person myself, the character in question was treated during a method that would prove offensive. while I reviewed the sport, I didn’t suppose she was written with any intentional malice, one thing that the Deadly Premonition 2’s author has currently confirmed.


Suehiro continues by language that he will “rewrite the scene” as presently as potential and can guarantee it’s checked by diversity specialists. It’s shocking and inspiriting to envision he’s alert to the issues and is willing to correct them, particularly since his last project was heavily praised for its positive treatment of LGBT themes.

It remains unclear precisely however the changes are going to be enforced since a lot of of the negative treatment is in an elaborate way joined to the narrative.

Here’s what I assumed in my 3/5 review of Deadly Premonition 2: “It’s each strikingly bold and ludicrously imcompetent in each regard, that is somewhat fitting given the enduring standing of its precursor. however all the tasteless brilliance aside, it’s tough to overlook its monolithic performance issues and decrepit approach to game style.” Rising Star Games has additionally confirmed it’ll be addressing technical problems reminiscent of the game’s long loading times and awful performance.

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