Destiny 2 to get a next-gen boost for PS5 and Xbox Series X on December 8

Destiny 2 PS5

Destiny 2 is being given a next-gen boost by Bungie with FOV options, snappier load times and a smoother frame rate. However, the complete update will not be ready in time for the launch of PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S.


With this update, Destiny 2 will be having faster load times and cross-gen multiplayer support if you can boost it up on your Xbox Series X/S on November 10 and on November 12 on your PS5. Well, unfortunately, Bungie in a blog post said that the optimized next-gen version for Destiny 2 will not be ready before December 8.


The game will be receiving 4K support, 60 frames per second and a field-of-view slider with a range that is similar to that on PC. This is the same for Xbox Series S but not 4K, rather it will be 1080p.

Destiny 2
Destiny 2

Also, December is not too far from November and this wait might be worth it.

Well, seeing a long time running games to adapt to the new powerful consoles is going to be quite interesting and hopefully fun. 

Also, the next-gen upgrade is going to be free for all the players. 

Here’s the list of the features that will be arriving with the next-gen version of Destiny 2:

  • 60FPS and 4K performance on PS5 and Xbox Series X
  • The Series S version will work at 1080p and 60fps.
  • Load time improvements
  • Field of View slider support
  • Inter-generational cross-play i.e., from Xbox Series to Xbox One and PS5 to PS4.
  • Paid expansions, season passes and Silver carrying over between generations i.e., from Xbox Series to Xbox One and PS5 to PS4.

Destiny 2 , Therefore, if you are playing on your PS4 now and buy an Xbox Series X or S, then you will be able to continue your game with the help of your profile. The credit goes to Destiny cross-save support.


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