Devolverland Expo a free game announced by Devolver Digital now available

Devolverland Expo: Going to a gaming expo is always fun. But what if you get to play such an event. We know that this leading to a lot of confusion but let us clarify. We want to talk about Devolver Digital Studios for a while.


They are an indie game studio and they recently made their appearance at the E3 2020. It included a lot of announcements, appearances, and other things. But one thing which caught our eye was the new game based on the concept of video game conferences. The name of the title is Devolverland Expo. Hence, let us find what it is all about.


Devolverland Expo: What is the game?

We saw the trailer of the game and what we could make out is this. The game is free to play FPS based on a video game conference. It puts you in the middle of a canceled video game convention. There are also various video games in the conference being showcased. These are mostly the games developed by the studio itself.

You are armed with the Devolver gun and have to fend off the security robots. You have to visit the various exhibitions at the conference and have to defend it. These robots are trying to uncover the Future’s Future’s Future of Gaming and it is your job to stop them.

We have to say this is an excellent market initiative taken by the developer. You have to appreciate the creativity of the studio. They are also able to deliver on the brand awareness of their games. Plus, they are also able to have a taste for the convention experience. This is very much welcomed by the players during these times of isolation.

Devolverland Expo: More Praise for the Studio

The company has earned a lot of praise for their approach to live streams and other conferences. These conferences have become quite common in light of the pandemic. There were some notable announcements in the conference itself. Games such as Shadow Warriors 3 and Serious Sam 4 also received a lot of praise and attention in the conference.

We would like to say this is definitely a great approach taken by the developer. We hope that other studios also come up with creative ways to keep us engaged.

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