Digimon Survive Game Has Been Delayed To 2021

Recently, Bandai Namco Entertainment made an official announcement about the impending Digimon video game, Digimon Survive to be postponed. The time of the game was delayed to 2020 initially and now it set to launch in the year 2021.

Everything you need to know about Digimon Survive Game and it’s launch!

Expectedly, the cause of delay is the impact of the coronavirus pandemic. The producer of the game Kazumasa Habu stated that, the team Digimon survive feels thankful for the overwhelming support from fans throughout the world in such challenging times. The team had initially planned the release of Digimon Survive in the year 2020 but the contemporary crisis situation had forced them to shift the timing and push the launch of Digimon Survive in 2021.

Digimon Survive Game

Description Of Digimon Survive on the website of Bandai Namco :

Celebrating the franchise’s 20th anniversary, Digimon Survive is a tricky RPG and is based on tales and turn focused conflicts. Takuma Momozuka leaves for school camp tripping and later discovers himself transported into a different mysterious world, having dangerous monsters and terror.

The game enables you to join Takuma and Agumon as you create your tale and battle your way back home in Digimon Survive.

Digimon Survive is slated to release on Playstation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC in the year 2021. As we read above, more details is expected to be disclosed about the title in spring 2021. In 2019, on windows and Nintendo Switch Digimon Story:Cyber Sueth and its sequel titled as Hacker’s Memory launched.

The Digimon game franchise has gone through many distinctive genres and the creator has mostly been free to experiment new themes for the game.


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