Donkey Kong Country- Cool cheat codes and secrets all players should know!

Nintendo Games were always known for their great secrets and surprises. Well, this was proven true with the series of Donkey Kong Country. So, the joining of Donkey Kong Country has joined the library of Nintendo Switch Online. Well, some of the older cheats and secrets are getting discovered.


The game Donkey Kong Country consists of hidden rooms, collectibles, and many more surprises all around the corners. Besides, being an excellent and fun platform, the secrets of the game are a huge part of its DNA. There is a lot of secrets that can be uncovered naturally by exploring just simply. But, there are also some cheat codes and surprises out the box-type. Also, Nintendo created some videos recently which highlighted some of them.


How to Start with 50 Lives

One of the most awesome tricks which are quite similar to the iconic Konami Code lets the players start off with lots of more lives. Donkey Kong Country is not an easy game, therefore the extra lives are going to help you a lot.

So, if you want to start with 50 lives, then the players will have to hover the “Erase Game” Button when on the File Select screen. Then all you have to do is press B, A, R, R, A, L which is followed by selecting the files in order to save the progress. Once you have done this successfully, Donkey King and Diddy Kong are going to have plenty of lives in order to beat the King K. Pool.


Donkey Kong Country: Endless Lives Trick with Diddy Kong

Well, there is another way in which you can gain extra lives without involving the input of code.

The players will have to go to the Monkey Mines and then head to the Milestone Mayhem level. From the very beginning, the players will have to move forward a bit and then lure the first Krusha enemy back to the start level. This part can be a bit tricky, but playing as Diddy Kong only, the players can jump in the air and then slide down the ramp and then landing on the head of Krusha. When you are successful, you will be gaining tons of extra lives. As Diddy juggles himself in the air without killing Krusha.

Donkey Kong Country: Additional Cheat Codes

The Bad Buddy Code lets the players to freely switch between the two characters. In order to pull this off, you will have to highlight the “Erase Data” button from the menu of the File Select. Then go head by pressing the B, A, Down, B, Up, Down, Down, Y, and A.

Donkey Kong tends to have the best Nintendo music, Also, you can do a Music Test which can be unlocked by highlighting the “Erase Date” button from the File Select screen and then press Down, A, R, B, Y, Down, A, Y, Select.

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