Dr Disrespect will return to Streaming on Youtube very soon!

Well, ” Dr Disrespect ” Beahm has finally returned to streaming on YouTube. Also, his first live stream will be taking place today at 3 PM EDT. The streamer found himself into a huge controversy and resulted in getting banned permanently from Twitch in June. Well, the reasons for this are still not known.


He signed an exclusive deal with Twitch back in March. Therefore, he does not have anything like that with YouTube. According to some close resources, he is trying to work with all the social media platforms like Facebook Gaming and his website, the Champions Club.


Dr. Disrespect is a 38-year-old streamer. He used to stream battle Royale games on Twitch before getting banned. Beahm had 4 million subscribers on Twitch but only 1.8 million on YouTube. But, now it might also increase. His channel was the 12th most-watched channel on Twitch by hours watched. And suddenly on the 12th of June, his channel mysteriously left the platform, making the fans wonder about his disappearance.

Beahm used to stream the following game: PUBG, Black Ops 4: Blackout, H1Z1, and Apex Legends. His net worth is approx 2.7 million Euros.

Well, Beahm is very much keen to return to streaming for his public. Twitch never speaks on the bans because of the matter of policy. However, it can be guessed that whatever happened was bad which resulted in affecting the exclusive contract between Twitch and one of the most famous streamers in the world.

In July, Beahm in an interview said that Twitch didn’t say anything about why was he banned. But, he further said that he will never return to the platform again. Well, the streamer was banned temporarily in the past because he streamed from the men’s bathroom. But, now as Twitch has refused to say anything on the reason of him getting banned permanently.

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