Everything to know about Minecraft ’s Caves and Cliffs update

Minecraft Caves and Cliffs update

The Minecraft Live event was announced by Mojang Studios a month ago. You can watch the complete video linked down to get the information related to Minecraft. The video consists of the details of the new update that will be brought to Minecraft as voted by the users last year. In this article, we have shared the entire detail related to the update.


Here’s the Minecraft Live 2020: Full Show


From a long time, the players of Minecraft have been asking for a Cave update in the game. In 2019, a MINECON Live 2019 was conducted which held a vote on which Biome should be updated next. And, in hat vote Mountain was the winner. Therefore, Mountain was going to be the next update on the card.

 However, during the Live event of Minecraft, it was confirmed that a combined update of ‘Caves and Cliffs’ will be released. Also, this update is not expected to arrive soon and might come somewhere in 2021.

As claimed by Windows Central, two different types of caves will be introduced, which consists of Lush caves, claimed o be filled with light and life. It will also consist of Dripstone caves which will be filled with stalactites and stalagmites. The additional items are Glow Berries which will be growing on vines that generate in the Lush caves.

The Minecraft’s Live event also introduced a new form of mining. This will let the players to carefully excavate rare fragile items by brushing away the debris rather than whacking at them with a pickaxe. The other changes will be consisting of underwater caves, lakes and waterfalls.

The Caves and Cliffs update will be coming with a better-organized inventory. However, more information is awaited to launch soon. Well, it already looks huge.

Minecraft is soon to launch The Caves and Cliffs update as demanded by the Minecraft fans.


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