Everything you need to know about Bungie’s Destiny 2: Beyond Light Expansion!

Destiny 2

Destiny 2: Beyond Light Expansion: On September 9, Destiny turned 6 years old. Bungie launched a remarkable series back on September 9, 2014. To celebrate, the sixth anniversary of Destiny, Bungie revealed some birthday surprises for their fans. So, the release date for Destiny 2’s Beyond Light comes out to be November 10.


It is already to known to us that Forsaken and Shadowkeep will be dropped to Xbox Game Pass for the consoles and PC. But, now Bungie has come up with a release date of September 22. Well, the base game is already free to play. Therefore, everything that will be offered by Destiny 2 will be available for free too for the price of a Game Pass Subscription.


Destiny 2: Beyond Light – Xbox Games Showcase Trailer

Apart from this, Bungie has a new poster that is inspired by the most beloved characters of the game. They also have a t-shirt, mug, and a Destiny cookie cutter set. Also, if you are into some baking them they Bungie has a Destiny birthday cake recipe for you too.


6 years ago, Destiny was launched. And, almost 167 million Guardians have played the series for 8.6 billion hours. The community has also opened their wallets by investing more than $8.5 million for Little Lights and all the worthy cases worldwide.

Along with the release of Beyond Light, Bungie also revealed the details of every sub-class: the Titan Behemoth, Warlock Shadebinder, and Hunter Revenant.

A new update for Destiny 2 was recently rolled out. This update changes the ways of the working of the perks. The update also fixed the exploit that was taken advantage of by some of the players. It also introduced several tweaks to the game across all the platforms.

Destiny 2 is playable on Xbox One, PC, and PlayStation 4. However, the game is also arriving for the next-gen consoles- Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5.

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