Fae Tactics- expected release date, gameplay, story line, cast, plot and everything you need to know

There has been some time since an RPG title has dropped on the market. Fae tactics is one of the highly anticipated titles of this year. The developer, Humble Games, has finally announced the release date for their game.


For those of you who do not know about the universe of the game, we should tell you about the same. The Universe of the game is set in one of the previous titles by the same developer. This game was known as the Legends of Fae. So, without revealing too much let us look at the basics of the game.


Fae Tactics: The Plot

You are put into the shoes of young Peony who is magic-user. She has to traverse through the world of mystery and danger. You have the ability to summon allies, cast spells and use the different crew of characters to fight the enemy. The plot takes place in the height of the controversy between man and fae.

Fae is known as the cast of people who can do magic. There was a time when the magic world was separated from the Earth by the Elemental Gates. But one fateful day, the gates were broken and the earth was deluged with magical fae creatures. This culmination of these two distinct worlds was a colossal failure.

These beings were regarded as myths in the world of Earth. What followed was devastation. It led to large amounts of losses on both sides of the conflict. But there are beings that have survived and have made new lives on the ashes of the old world.


The gameplay of Fae Tactics:

It uses the “menuless” way of combating your enemies. The units will end up using their skills to strike the enemy. This will only happen after the character has moved or ended their turn. Hence, we can say that they have taken a different approach to battle. But this move has been hailed as a good one.

Release Date:

Now, it is time to tell you about the release date. The developer has announced that it shall come out on July 31st. Hence, make sure to get your copy on the Humble Store or Steam.

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