Five New Games on Steam you probably missed!

In a single day, lots of new games are launched on Steam. Seems nice right? But all we do is end up missing several games that tend to be potentially exciting. So to make things easy for you we have included the five games that you might have left unnoticed on Steam.




The game was released on 27th June. The price of the game is $2.99.

This is a Sokpop game in which you play the role of a Dungeon Keeper, therefore you will have to build a protective layer in order to protect the precious “soul care” from the dungeon crawlers. To protect your dungeon from the intruders you will be given several objects and 15 different minions that can be spawned. There are six types of intruders. This game can be completed within 1 hour, but an endless option has to been provided.

The Plague: Kingdom Wars

This game was released on 10th July. The price of the game is $19.99.

This is a long-running Kingdom Wars series. It is an RTS / grand strategy hybrid, which focuses mainly on managing the kingdom. You will have to take care of your kingdom during the black death plague that took place in the 1300s.  You will be playing the role of a minor lord or king. Your character defends and keeps society happy. Also, you will be going to war with the other nations.


The game was released on 7th July. The price of the game is $4.99.

The rite is simple to describe, but a high difficulty game that might be liked by the fans of Super Meat Boy and N++. You will be playing the role of Nim. Nim has the ability to jump and therefore, it can be killed by the spikes and blades. The keys are to be collected in order to open the door for the next level. You can collect gold in this game. 160 levels have been included in the game and the difficulty level of the game keeps on increasing. Complete all the 160 levels in order to escape the horrible living nightmare.

Soda Dungeon 2

The game was released on 10th July and is a free-to-play game.

This is the successor of the famous Soda Dungeon. The game was first released for the mobile devices but ended up gathering a decent amount of fans on Steam too.

Elden: Path of the Forgotten

The game was released on 10th July and the price of the game is $15.99.

This is a cryptic action-adventure game that mainly focuses on combat and exploration. You will be playing the role of Elden. Elden is on a mission that has to save their mother from the ancient horrors. The blighted land is riddled with horrific enemies, but also there is nothing that can help you.

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