Fortnite gatherers details: Where to find and destroy them?

Fortnite gatherers

The Week 4 challenges of Fortnite is here with a new set of quests. This week we have two challenges in which you will have to defeat the Gatherers. Gatherers are the floating bots that spawn randomly anywhere in the map. One of the challenges asks you to destroy Gatherers whereas, the other one will also you to deal damage with a Gatherer’s remains.


In this article, we will help you to find the gatherers, destroy them and then use them as a weapon. Both these challenges were leaked even before going live. These challenges went live on September 17.


What are Gatherers: Fortnite?

In this season you will find two types of floating robots. The first is a large one known as Gorger. These can be located by finding a huge red beam which shoots directly upwards. Move towards the beam to find out a Gorger.

Gorger then spawns smaller robots known as Gatherers. Both these robots will shoot beams at the player. However, the weapons of Gorger are way stronger so be careful. The Gorger will keep on spawning Gatherers until destroyed. The player should let the Gorger spit 20 players before destroying it so that you can complete the challenge.

Fortnite gatherers

When you eliminate the Gatherers they will fall on the ground. Pick up one of them quickly to complete the other challenge. Deal damage with the remains of the Gatherer before it explodes. One of the best strategies to complete the challenge is to deal with damage by fighting the Gorger to deal 10,000 points of damage.

What will you get after completing the challenge?

You will receive 25,000 experience points for destroying 20 Gatherers. And 50,000 experience points for dealing 10,000 damage points with the remains of Gatherer.

Fortnite is playable on PS4, Xbox One, PC, Nintendo Switch and Mobile devices (Android & iOS). The game is also arriving on the next-gen consoles, i.e., Xbox Series X and PS5. 


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