Fortnite: How to Get Mythic Items Full Information!

So now, the Marvel heroes have landed on the world of Fortnite Battle Royale for Season 4. Also, they will be coming with few Mythic Items which will give the players’ superpower abilities. In this article we will guide you to use them and what are the offers made by each of them.


On 27th August, Epic Games released one of the most awaited patches since the beginning of Chapter 2. In the trailer, you will find that the squad of X-Men is coming along with Thor.


This update brings a lot of new weapons to it. Also, new superhero abilities have made their way through season 4 of Fortnite.

Groot’s Bramble Shield: Fortnite

This Groot Bamble Shield is an interesting one. This is a new ability. After finding and activating this ability, the player is placed inside a sower version of Baller. This Baller is brown in color. It keeps on healing when you ride with it but doesn’t last forever.

How to get the Groot’s, Bramble Shield?
  • After longing into Fortnite, hop into the Battle Royale game.
  • Then head towards the Avenger ships.
  • Shoot down the drones and in one of them, you will find the Groot Mythic item.
  • Pick up the coin.
  • Activate the ability and you are done.


Doctor Doom’s Mystical Bomb & Arcane Gauntlets: Fortnite

Doctor Doom is the greediest of all the new superheroes of Marvel. He has two items on hold. So, it will be a mystery for you to knock him down and receive something.

The first ability on his hold is the Mystical Bomb, which can set one is on fire. After doing this you will deal with 60 damage per hit. The second ability is Arcana Gauntlets which can shoot you higher in the sky. This is a perfect ability to fly off from a fight for gunfire.

How to get Doctor Doom’s Mystical Bomb & Arcane Gauntlets?
  • Head towards the Pleasant Park Location.
  • Grab a weapon then head towards the football pitch. Here, Doctor Doom spawns.
  • Take him down. After this, you can grab the mythical item which he protects.
  • Then activate the ability which you found.

Silver Surfer’s Board: Fortnite

This ability is a bit tough to find. Also, this is quite rare than the others. It works like a LaunchPad.

How to get Silver Surfer’s Board?
  • Head towards one of the Avengers ships.
  • Grab a weapon and then fire down the drones.
  • After the coin is dropped, pick the Silver Surfer board.
  • Activate it then boot into the sky.

Fortnite is playable on PC, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and Mobile Devices (Android and iOS).


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