Free PS4 Games for August 2020 declared for PS Plus subscribers

It is a new month which means that new games will be surfacing for the PS Plus subscribers. Every month, the PS users lookout for the games that will be offered for free with their PS Plus subscription. It allows the users to play these games without any charge and most of these games are amazing.


We have to say that the release of the games on the platform are unusually timely. Both of these games being offered are not some old game being offered but are actually fairly new. Hence, let us look at what these games are.


Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Remastered

This is a game that was released for the PS back in March 2020. This is the old MW2 offered with more realistic graphics. Hence, you can expect the visuals of the game has been taken to a whole new level. The game has been made to feel that it released just a while back and we have to say that it looks amazing.

It features that amazing campaign which took our hearts away when it was first released by Infinity Ward many years back. People have been fans of the Modern Warfare franchise for a long time. We can see this by the amazing response received by the newest Modern Warfare that released a while back.

But now the PS Plus subscribers will be able to relive the experience on their Playstation 4. One of the bummers is that the game will not feature the amazing multiplayer that it had back in 2009. So, that can come across as a surprise. But we have to say that the campaign of the game is no joke. It is easily regarded as one of the best CODs ever to come out.

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout

This game will come in handy when you look at the current pandemic. It is an online party game which can feature about 60 players. It has physics-based mechanics and team-based co-op challenges. This gives the game a wide audience and places it in the same place as Rocket League. Hence, expect to have a great party from the comforts of your homes with this game.

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