Ghost of Tsushima – Guide to find every Bamboo strike locations!

Ghost of Tsushima is an action-adventure game. This game is a single-player type. The game was developed by Sucker Punch Productions.


While exploring the open world of the Ghost of Tsushima, you will get several opportunities to find weapons, armor, and knowledge. These things will help you in your fight against the Mongol invasion. Also, when you explore the hidden locations of the island of Tsushima, your abilities increase. And, when you visit the Hot Springs, your health is increased and the Bamboo Strikes help you in increasing your Resolve. As resolve is a meter which helps you to heal in the battle and to show-off the powerful special abilities.


In this article, we have guided you where to find the 16 Bamboo Strike locations. After doing this you will be able to maximize your Resolve and increase your abilities to combat the maximum level in Ghost of Tsushima.

You will find the 16 Bamboo strikes here in Ghost of Tsushima:

Izuhara Bamboo Strikes in Ghost of Tsushima


  1. Azamo Bamboo Strike: east of the Azamo Bay. This bamboo strike will be opened only when you have completed the two tales.
  2. Tsutsu Bamboo Strike: Near the bank of the river at the Rustling Bend in Tsutsu.
  3. Ariake Bamboo Strike: Southwest of Houren’s Pasture., across the creek in the south of the Golden Temple.
  4. Komatsu Bamboo Strike: West of Tsutsu. You will find colorful banners on the southwest side of the town.
  5. Hiyoshi Bamboo Strike: The first village you will find in Act 1. It is in the center of town.
  6. Kashine Bamboo Strike: At the top of the mountain in the Wanderer’s Pass located in Komoda. A White Dye Merchant will be available there.
  7. Komatsu Bamboo Strike: West of Tsutsu. You will find colorful banners on the southwest side of the town.

Toyotama Bamboo Strikes in Ghost of Tsushima

8. Akashima Bamboo Strike: In the Act 2, you will be taken to Fort Ito. The Bamboo Strike is near the east of Akashima Lighthouse.

9. Umugi Bamboo Strike: West of the Umugi Cove, beside the beach.

10. Yarikawa Bamboo Strike: You will get access to Yarikawa Stronghold only when you complete The Walls of Yarikawa tale which is the past of Act 2 main quests. The Bamboo Strike is available behind the keep at the back of the stronghold.

11. Kushi Bamboo Strike: Northeast of the Benei’s Falls.

12. Kubara Bamboo Strike: North of the Lord Shimura’s hunting camp. This area will be found by you in Act 2. Located at the west of the Turtle Rock Shrine, near the watchtower.

13. Otsuna Bamboo Strike: In Act 2, you will also be taken to the hometown of Jin, Omi Village located in Kubara. This Bamboo Strike is placed just next to the Sakai Manor.

Kamiagata Bamboo Strikes in Tsushima

14. Endless Forest Bamboo Strike: Far east side of the Kin, near the Kin Lighthouse.

15. Kin Bamboo Strike: Small island in the middle of the lake north of the Kin Sanctuary.

16. Sago Bamboo Strike: Top of the Mountain at the south of Derelict Mine outpost in Sago.

There you have it folks All 16 Bamboo Strike locations. Ghost of Tsushima is Available on PlayStation 4.

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