‘Ghost Of Tsushima’ multiplayer update will be releasing next week

Sucker Punch announced that the multiplayer mode of the Ghost of Tsushima will be arriving next week.


Ghost Of Tsushima is an action-adventure game, It was launched for the PS4 on July 17, 2020. It features an open world, with a samurai on a quest who protects the Tsushima island during the Mongol invasion of Japan.


This mode has been created around several co-op missions that are mainly based on Japanese mythology. The free update for Ghost Of Tsushima will be launching on October 16 for all the owners. This mode will introduce some new single-player features. 

Several two and four-player missions will also be made available for the users to try out. The new challenges will be pitting the players against deadly teams of enemies. So, to access the new missions, the players will have to find out a new character in the world of Ghost Of Tsushima.

Ghost of Tsushima Multiplayer

Two types of missions will be added to the game. The modes are story and survival missions. The story missions are designed for two players which will be consisting of some unique narratives. You can unlock the higher difficulties too.

The survival missions are designed for four players and the groups will be facing the enemies together. You can activate the blessings which will be acting as modifiers, gifting perks like igniting the enemies or fire or summoning a spirit bear. In the following weeks, a Raid will be incorporated too in which the squads of four will be required with higher levelled gear. They will also be set across a three-part adventure.

Here’s the complete announcement tweet:

Ghost Of Tsushima will be getting several single-player as well as multiplayer updates.

Ghost Of Tsushima is playable on the PlayStation 4.


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