Ghost of Tsushima – Weather can change because of How you play!

Ghost of Tsushima is the latest action based open-world adventure game. The developer of the game is Sucker Punch Production. The game has made its arrival on the PlayStation 4.


In the game, you play as Jin Sakai. Jin Sakai is the last samurai of Tsushima Island during the first Mongol invasion that took place in Japan. Well, the actions of this samurai will be influencing the weather conditions in the game. A mechanic in the game which lets you switch between foggy, sunny, rainy, and storms. Also, the style in which you fight against the Mongols will also alter the weather conditions.


The character Jim has the ability to change the weather with his flute. These things take the adventure of Jim to a completely new level. As the player chooses to take steps that do not meet the purity of the tradition of samurai codes of honor, the world turns darker with it.

Some interesting quests are also added in the game which makes it interesting. And these quests can also influence the weather out there. Well, they do involve a particular pattern. The players who end up using a dishonorable decision in the eyes of a samurai, the weather will most likely become dark and stormy.

The graphics of the game are really great with the clear and gentle water, rustling leaves and colorful flowers, and the moonlight. These smaller details bring life into the game. The game brings us a beautiful world to the players.

The creative director of Ghost of Tsushima said whatever Ghost driven things the character does, storms will be taking place then.

Here is the launch trailer of Ghost of Tsushima

At the beginning of the game, you will have the simple weapons of a samurai. But with the increase of the encounters, your character will be unlocking more Ghost skills.

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