Gotham Knights gameplay trailer breakdown: 17 things we spotted

Gotham Knights Gameplay: After a chase of the ARG, finally, we got a glimpse of the Batman: Gotham Knights. The title will be arriving in the upcoming year. Along with a trailer, Warner Bros. Games Montreal revealed an incredible gameplay trailer of Gotham Knights. This gameplay trailer gave us a glimpse of the characters, villains, and of course, Gotham City.


According to the creative director, Patrick Redding on Gotham Knights said that they were served with three consistent ideas at the heart of the Gotham Knights.


They had to come up with a complete cast of characters that will continue to grow and reinvent themselves. The second one is the Gotham City which had to be realistic and comes with several challenges that will be serving you the danger. And finally, the team of the superheroes.

Well here are the details of Gotham Knights:

  1. Batman is dead

As we see the game begins with a Code Black. We came to know that Batman is now dead and the Batcave has been blown up. This means that we are left with Batgirl, Robin, Red Hood, and Nightwing as the protectors of Gotham City. With the departure of Batman, the Gotham city is getting filled with the criminals who are trying to claim the territory. And, saving the city is up to these four heroes against the criminals.

2. The City has turned on heroes

A Bleak vision of Gotham City is presented to us in the game Gotham Knights. Bruce Wayne paints a dark picture in which he trying to explain than no can be counted in other than the vigilant heroes. And yes, he means the Police department who went against the vigilante heroes after the death of Jim Gordon. Also, Batgirl is a part of the unit, so there is much more left for us to know.

Gotham Knights Gameplay
3. Four playable characters

You might be familiar with the Batgirl, Nightwing, Robin, and the Red Hood. Well, it has not been cleared exactly in the gameplay about the playable characters. But it is confirmed that you will be able to choose one character and can switch to the other ones whenever you wish. Each of the heroes will have their unique move-sets, strengths, weaknesses, combos, and specialties.

4. Batman left the knights to access all the tech

In the death speech, Batman mentions that he had left the keys to all of his various gadgets and tech to the Gotham Knights. This will be extremely helpful for the Knights to fight the criminals of Gotham City. Therefore, you will be able to take the advantage of Batcycle and a lot more regardless of the character you are playing as.

5. Combat builds on the Arkham games

If you have played the Rocksteady Arkham games or the Arkham Origins by Warner Bros. Games Montreal then you will be nostalgic after playing this. This game just like them delivers the fluid melee combat system. However, we can expect something to change a bit this time.

6. Each character comes with a specialty

Red Hood is known for using high-tech weapons along with some traditional firearms. Robin has a past of psychological warfare and makes use of quarterstaff and stealth in a fight. Batgirl is known for her martial arts and a tonfa along with some hacking abilities. Nightwing uses Escrima sticks for his acrobat like attacking style.

7. Gotham Knights retain the XP leveling system

You can gain XP through the freeflow combats, takedowns, finding collectible, and completing the missions. Also, the game has some sort of badge system which is tied up with the XP system.

8. It’s a drop-in co-op

In the gameplay trailer, we see a message pop up saying “ROBIN just joined the session”. Therefore, Gotham Knights will probably support either solo or two-player co-op.

9. Co-op takedowns look amazing

Co-op gameplay has plenty of benefits. Especially when talking about the takedown. In the gameplay trailer, we see Batgirl and Robin have teamed-up for some tasks at the museum.

10. What exactly are you collecting off the bodies?

We see Batgirl and Robin collecting something from the bodies. Well, it is not for us. So, we can guess maybe some documents or crafting materials.

Gotham Knights Gameplay
11. The Batcave’s gone and the Gotham Knights Gameplay are operating out of the Belfry

With, this it is quite clear that the complete part of Batman has departed which consists of the destruction of the Batcave. So the knights are now operating from the Belfry. It is the secondary base of operations, which was provided by Batman to them.

12. It’s set in a different universe to the Arkham games.

Well, this has not been confirmed yet, but it is quite obvious that the Gotham Knights will be set in a completely different universe of the Arkham games. This will be a space where Warner Bros. Montreal can grow and experiment.

13. We might see epic boss battles

Well, we should be prepared to go against some really powerful and wicked villains. In the gameplay trailer, we find Robin and Batgirl fighting against Mr. Freeze. Therefore, we might definitely face some more in the game.

14. Welcome: the Court of Owls

The Court of Owls is going to be the central part of Gotham Knights. Well, this was the worst secret that was kept by the industry. And the Court of Owls definitely has to do something with the series of events that happened to Gotham City.

15. You will find several bat-outfits.

In the gameplay trailer, we find Batgirl and Robin wearing different costumes at different times. So, you will be able to change everyone’s outfits.

16. Use the special abilities carefully

In the gameplay trailer, we find a purple bar at the bottom of the screen which indicates the health. Well, this can limit your use of special abilities.

17. We might see Gotham Knights in 2021

Gotham Knights are all set to launch in 2021. This means that Warner Bros. Games Montreal has been working on the title for seven years after the launch of Batman: Arkham Origins.

Gotham Knights will be launched in 2021. The game will be playable on the PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X.


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