Grisaia : Chronos Rebellion Smart Phone Game Will Be Releasing This Fall.

The official website Frontwing announced on Sunday during Tokyo event, that it will launch the Grisaia : Chronos Rebellion Smartphone game this fall.


Everything you need to know about Grisaia: Chronos Rebellion Mobile Game!

The ‘good looking girl national defence RPG’ was earlier scheduled for release in the year 2019. With in-app purchases the game will be available to all to play it. The pre-registration of the game is now accessible. The opening theme song ‘Shinsekai’- New World will be performed by Yoshino Nanjō.


The upcoming smartphone game ‘Grisaia Chronos Rebellion’ is a sequel game based on the initial “Grisaia” PC game. In the latest version, existing characters from distinctive titles of the series will appear. The game also has the card battle system and auto moder, giving access to the players to  unlock the EX skills of the characters. One can also build its own team including their favourite characters from the series.

Grisaia Chronos Rebellion

The game is also being adapted into a manga in Bushiroad Monthly Magazine beginning in the issue that will launch on 7th November, 2020. The manga is named as Grisaia: Chronos Rebellion Dead Stock!and it will be drawn by Tsuchii.
Recently, Prototype released the volume four of Frontwing’s Grisaia : Phantom Trigger game exclusively on digital platform for the Nintendo Switch on 17 September, in Japan.

The launch of Grisaia : Phantom Trigger 04 also has language access in simple Japanese, English and Chinese.
Grisaia : Phantom 01& 02 for the Nintendo Switch was launched by Prototype on 25 June and also launched Grisaia: Phantom Trigger 03 on 22 July.

In April 2017, Frontwing launched the initial two volumes of the game consisting English text for PC via Steam, on the same day volumes were released in Japan by Frontwing. In April 2019, it launched the volume six on Steam.


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