Grisaia: Phantom Trigger 05 Switch Game’s Opening Movie Has Been Released

Grisaia: Phantom Trigger 05

On Monday the Prototype has started streaming an opening video for Nintendo Switch. And it is for the 5th volume of Grisaia: Phantom Trigger game by Frontwing. The game will be published digitally by Prototype on 19th November 2020 in Japan for Switch. The title will be Grisaia: Phantom Trigger 05. And it will be going to have full voice support for all characters but not the protagonist.


The features include the ability to disable the system’s automatic sleep feature in movie mode and auto mode. And there you can see an option in the backlog to jump to select messages. And this version will be going to have various versions like English, Chinese and Japanese text and along with that Japanese audio. As for PC, the game launched in July 2018 via Steam.

The Grisaia: Phantom Trigger 1 and 2 has released by Prototype on 25th June on the Switch on June 25. And the Grisaia: Phantom Trigger 3 released on 22nd July.

In April 2017 the first two volumes of the game released with English text for PC via steam by Frontwing. And the 6th compiled volume released by The publisher on Steam in April 2019.

Grisaia: Phantom Trigger

Frontwing had hosted a crowdfunding campaign for the game in 2017, which raised US$183,027 to enhance the game’s release.

The anime adaptation- The Grisaia: PhantomTrigger of the game opened in March 2019 in Japan. And after some time the Frontwing released an English dub of it. The Campfire crowdfunding campaign for Grisaia: Phantom Trigger The Animation Stargazer, the sequel to the anime, reached its 10 million yen (about US$92,000) goal less than 24 hours after it launched in July 2019, and it will open in theaters in Japan on November 27. and each and every episode is planned to be about 2 minutes long. And that will be going to adapt only one volume of the original novel.


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