How to Call of Duty Start Exploit Works & Why Players Are Mad

Call of Duty is a shooter video game. Call of duty: warzone is quite popular among the players. Initially, the game saw great momentum but now it’s the opposite. It seems blunted lately. And the reason for the same is the presence of a large number of cheaters on PC platforms.


To confirm the presence of countless cheaters, you may search for youtube as well. And to avoid PC cheaters players are switching to not recommended by Activision step and are trying to disable the crossplay.


Call of duty: warzone has a battle royale format that makes it very vulnerable to cheaters who ruin the game. What’s more interesting to know is that you will be able to play 95% of the game in a very normal fashion but in the end, the cheater can swipe a win from you. They can do so by enabling them to enter a lobby of 150 people and you won’t even know about their presence.

Though there was an announcement that Call of Duty has banned many warzone cheaters but that doesn’t seem to suffice. Though the game Call of duty: warzone brings new ideas with it but unfortunately the old problem continues to persist.


Lately, Cheating has been a major issue with bog games. As of now, things don’t seem favorable with Call of duty: warzone and we expect that some major steps would be taken to prevent any further cheating.

How does the start menu feature of Call of duty: warzone exploit work?

The players get a chance to know the position of the opposite team member through the start menu. This entitles you with the advantage of knowing where they are hiding. The existence of the start menu is not something new, it has remained in the game for many years.

so when you open the start menu, the position of all the players will be shown on a mini-map. So now you can call out positioning without sounds and instincts and will be able to know the hiding place of your opponent.

Now the question is how you can get over this?

There is a perk called Cold-blooded in the game. This will avoid the start feature that appears more to be a glitch. Now the AI targeting systems won’t be able to detect you. But this will change your loadouts. Hence, this is not preferred by many players.


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