HyperScape: Here Are The Best Weapons That Would Get You The Crown Victory!

HyperScape: In order to win in most of the battle royale games, we have to kill all the players in the match. But, in HyperScape you don’t have to do so in order to win. Also, you can go for the Crown and can win that way. Once you have caught the Crown you will have to hold it for 45 seconds. The only problem is that your location will be revealed to everyone who is near you.


Therefore, the best option here is running so find any skill such as teleporting, which can help you at that moment. Slam will also be a good choice as it will transport you to a different place for a period of time. So, use both the abilities to escape from the other players.

HyperScape weapons

Weapons that are recommended

We have listed the best weapons that you can use:

  • Hexfire- The magazine size of Hexfire can start at 150 and can go up to 270 at level 5.
  • D-Tap- If you are not perfect at aiming then D-Tap is the best sidearm that you should have. The bullets of this weapon auto-track the enemies itself.
  • Skybreaker- This is a weird weapon. It is a bit situational especially in a movement, heavy game like the HyperScape. But this offers really good damage at higher ranks.
  • Komodo- This weapon is slow at firing. But is pretty good at 29 per shot.
  • Ripper- This rifle gives an output of 11 body/ 16 headshot damage per shot from rank 1 to 4 and 13/18 headshot damage at level 5.
  • Protocol-V- This is a choice of most of the snipers which deal with 50 body shot damage and 75 headshot at rank 1 which rises to 80 body shot and 120 headshot damage.

HyperScape is playable on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.


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