If Sony Doesn’t Upgrade the Game Bloodborne Modder Has Promised to Release 60 FPS Mod

Bloodborne 60 FPS

Recently, a modder on Twitter named as McDonald promised that he will be bringing Bloodborne for PS5 at 60 FPS if Sony doesn’t release it. Well, it is not easy to apply any mode to PS4 like PCs. Therefore, this will also require some technical how-to-use notes.


Bloodborne is an action role-playing game. it is developed by FromSoftware and was published by Sony Computer Entertainment for the PlayStation 4. The game was launched on 24 March back in 2015.


Here’s the official story trailer of Bloodborne:

You play the game with a third-person perspective. You will be playing the role of the customizable protagonist. The gameplay mainly focuses on strategic weapons-based combat and exploration. Fight against your enemies using swords and firearms. Collects different items and follow the story by interacting with new characters.

The standard debug menu for Bloodborne can double the framerate. However, this will also double the speed of the game. McDonald studied the PS4 Pro update for Dark Souls 3 which makes use of the same engine that is used by Bloodborne. He had to study this because to know how to hack and modify the game.

In the above tweet, he showed off the mode and tried to explain the gameplay logic. 

Recently, Sony revealed that almost all the PS4 titles will be arriving the PS5, thanks to backward compatibility. The PS5 versions of the games will be enhanced by a Boost Mode. However, it is still a mystery whether the Boost Mode enhancements are tailored to the specific game by Sony or the other too. However, it also seems like Bloodborne needs the patch of McDonald to be hit with a golden 60fps.

Bloodborne is playable on the PlayStation 4.


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