Iron Harvest: Pre-order refunds are being offered as the game gets delayed on Epic Games Store!


Iron Harvest was launched on Steam on 1st September, and it seems to be loved by several gamers. Well, with the launch of the game on Steam, something really odd and unusual happened. The plan of releasing the game in the Epic Games Store has been interrupted.

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Well, the fans were very much supportive of the team for admitting the problem and offering a refund to their customers.

However, there seems to be no connection between the game releasing for Steam and not coming to the Epic Games Store.

Iron Harvest was loved by many users. Well, some of them criticized the game for some missing features, co-op support, leaderboards, ranked, and a quick play. However, the game also missed the Steam achievements and controller support. There were features that were mentioned on the store page. Well, the game was still listed as coming soon on the game page after the release of the game.

Iron Harvest

Several threads on the discussion group on Steam were about complaining about the state of the game. Well, the developers said in a blog post that some of the features are being worked on. However, controller support is currently under progress. Well, the Steam achievement is not near to the future.

However, speaking of the pre-orders of Iron Harvest on the Epic Games Store, some of the Reddit users are saying that a publisher offers refund only when there’s nothing or almost nothing.

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Deep Shillver refunding Epic Store Iron Harvest pre-orders after game fails to launch on Epic despite launching on Steam from fuckepic

However, no official statement has been announced regarding the Iron Harvest not arriving at the Epic Games Stores. Some of the users are very much disappointed with the arrival of this news. Therefore, might cost Epic Games Stores the trust of some of their users with a lack of stability.

Iron Harvest is playable on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

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