lock and key destiny 2 : Quest Guide and much more !!

You may review our helpful hints on finishing the Lost Souvenir questline which you can get when attempting to grab Izanagi’s Burden in Destiny 2: Shadowkeep. Presently, we’re here to handle the meat of the issue – the journeys that you need to finish to really get that Exotic marksman rifle. Look at our Destiny 2 Lock and Key journey manage for certain tips on this second to last advance of the mission commenced by the Mysterious Box.

lock and key destiny 2

destiny 2 Lock and Key Quest Guide: Prerequisites

To get to the Lock and Key mission some portion of the Exotic marksman rifle’s general journey chain, you must have finished the accompanying journey steps first:


Puzzling Box – locate a Mysterious Black Armory box with four bolts on it

A Mysterious Decryption Device – hand the Mysterious Decryption Device to Ada-1 in the Tower

Unidentified Frame – Complete bounties until you get an Obsidian Crystal, finish The Shattered Throne to get an Ascendant Glass Shard, finish The Pyramidion strike to get Radiant Phaseglass

destiny 2 Lock and Key Quest Guide: Quest Walkthrough

When you’ve finished the above sub-objectives, you’ll be entrusted with making a unidentified brilliant edge with the materials that you’ve procured. Fortunately, you don’t really need to pound away at this yourself. You’ll simply need to finish the Lock and Key mission in the EDZ, which includes setting off to the Bergusia fashion to kick things off.

lock and key destiny 2

There will be a Forge supervisor that generates, and you must slaughter it to finish Lock and Key. We are very brave for this battle:

Shoot the automatons that spring up; this disposes of the supervisor’s shield

When the supervisor’s shield is down, work on his wellbeing until the shield returns, and rehash

You can likely impact through this time, however on the off chance that you have a fireteam in, get them to manage the includes while you sharpen in the supervisor to cause the battle to go faster

The supervisor can likewise be amazed, and is powerless against being booped in the head, so remember that

When you’ve felled the Forge supervisor in the Bergusia power, you’ll have finished the Destiny 2 Lock and Key journey and you’ll have the option to make a beeline for Ada-1 in the Tower to hand her what she needs and to get Izanagi’s Burden. Convenient, huh? Need assistance with something else, Guardian?

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