Mattel released new Hot Wheels Star Wars toys

Star Wars: Mattel is one of the most popular toy makers of all time. Comic-Con has been one of the biggest events for revealing of these toys. But this time around, Comic-Con saw a big shift due to the pandemic. The whole event was made digital so the audience could watch the various presentations online.

They have said that they will be revealing some of the most geek worthy toys in the days to come. But, one of the most incredible releases has been done recently. Hence, let us look at what they have in stores.


Star Wars collectable

Let us look at the Hot Wheels collectable. It is the X-Wing which belongs to Luke Skywalker. This vehicle was featured in the Empire Strikes Back. Hence, this is a huge announcement for the fans of Star Wars.


What is more mesmerizing is the detailing of the vehicle. One can see the movie(Star Wars)

-based detailing of the game. We know that the X-Wing is covered in weeds from the Dagobah swamp. The developer has taken this detailing into account. Hence, the vehicle depicted also has the same level of detail.

Now, let us talk about the details of the X-Wing. The vehicle is priced at $25. All of the exclusives released this week will be available on Mattel Creations Instagram Page. You can buy the same from this page. They are supposed to go on sale on July 23rd at 9 AM. Therefore, keep an eye on this page for more details.

Star Wars: Other Toys

Mattel has also revealed some of the other collectable toys for the summer. They also revealed the Jurassic Park action figure. It is supposed to be one of the most desirable toys of this summer. There is also the Barbasol Dennis Nedry figure, which presents itself as one of the noticeable homages to the movie.

There is also other news relating to this. Hasbro has recently come up with the crowdfunding campaign for Marvel Sentinel figure. They also debuted two pop culture figures for the Transformers franchise. So, there are many things on the market for all the collectable fans out there.

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