Mega Man X Series’ smartphone game arriving in Japan this fall

Mega Man X:  Good news for gamers as CAPCOM had declared their Rockman X DiVE to be available to the the Japan users. Fetch Game Updates Below:


Rockman X Dive: Details About The Game

The game is a smartphone game which will be available for the android as well as the iOS users of Japan. The game is basically based on the famous game series Mega Man X , which is also made by the same company.


Where Did The Game Was Launched Previously?

The game Rockman X Dive is a known name in the game series and not a new launch as it was earlier launched in the Taiwan and some other Asian countries this year on 24th of March.

What’s The Japan Release Date For The Game?

This smartphone game didn’t got a fix and exact date for its release but it is expected to be release in later month, most probably in fall this year

Rockman X Dive: More Details

The gamers will address the characters from the famous game Mega Man X series, in a questioning “what-if” outline for the smartphone games’ story. This smartphone game will be playing as a side-scroller, and the game players will be get the access of collecting the parts to intensify their character.

Mega Man X

The game players will be addressing the following characters from the Mega Man X series including X, Sigma, Zero ,Vile, Axl, and many more.

Rockman X Dive: Japanese Release Trailer.

A Japanese release trailer had been uploaded on the official website of the game

About Mega Man

Megan Man is a science fiction based game franchise, it was made by Capcom game developer company, The game series consist several robotic characters each known by the name Mega Man. It initially entered in the gaming world in 1987 on December 17th and from there it had been released for 50 games. In the year 2019, the game franchise has sold over 36 million units worldwide.


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