Microsoft Flight Simulator becomes Xbox Game Pass’s biggest launch with 1M players at launch!

Microsoft Flight Simulator

Microsoft’s Flight Simulator: On September 3, Microsoft revealed that Flight Simulator is not only a game that offers a lot of benefits to the pilot. However, the game can quickly please the human eye by letting them to visit the breathtaking places on the earth. Well, Microsoft has reached a milestone.


About Microsoft Flight Simulator

Flight Simulator is a series of flight simulator programs that were launched for Microsoft Windows. The first release of the series took place almost 37 years ago, in 1982. Well, the latest release in the series took place 3 days ago.


Microsoft revealed that Flight Simulator has become the biggest launch in the Xbox Game Pass for PC and counts more than 1 million players to date. Microsoft further said that the players have taken more than 26 million flights and logged more than 1 billion miles flown.


Well, it seems that the franchise has to face even more achievements than this one. This definitely ensures that the simulator is of great quality. This simulator game will be receiving updates and DLCs in the future, which means that it will be worth playing this game. So, if you like exploring then this game is just great for you.

With this simulator game, you will have access to virtually explore the beauty of the areas of this globe.

Therefore, it seems that the game has received a lot of love from its fans and gamers. With further more updates and DLCs that will be coming to the game, we can expect to see something really great.

Microsoft Flight Simulator is playable on the DOS, Classic Mac OS, Windows PC, PC-98, and Xbox One. However, this is also playable on Xbox Series X.

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