Mid-stream ads testing begins on Twitch, cannot be controlled by streamers

Twitch took a move which was always hated by streamers and viewers. Recently, Twitch announced that it will start testing the important mid-roll ads for some of the viewers. This was effective immediately. The revenue that would be collected from these ads will be given to the creators. The new ads will be happening without their approval.

These ads will be enabled for the affiliate as well as the partner channels for the viewers who haven’t subscribed. The creators will be receiving the revenue of ads. These mid-role ads will be playing in a picture-in-picture format. However, they are supposed to reduce disruption. But, the creators don’t seem to be happy with this new change. And this why Twitch will be running these mid-roll ads initially for trial.

Mid-roll ads have been the major part of the platform. However, previously they were initiated by the creators themselves. this would allow them to sync theirs as breaks with their video pause in the streaming videos. According to Twitch, the creators should warn their viewers about an incoming ad which will be impossible after the new update.

Also, the creators said that the amount they are receiving from these ads are not worth the disruptions that their viewers are receiving.

However, Twitch has to speak further on its new ad experience. This is likely to be considered as an experiment rather than a permanent change. Therefore, there are chances that this might fail and the feature will be removed soon.

So, the viewers and the creators should wait and see what happens next.


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