Mike Morhaime, the former CEO of Blizzard announces a new game company!

Mike Morhaime, two years back signed out as the CEO at Blizzard. He co-founded the gaming company in 1991. Well, he is back with his next venture. The company is called as Dreamhaven. This company is a combination of a publisher and developer.


Morhaime ran the company Blizzard for more the three decades. And, he was responsible for generated billion-dollar bills for the company. He was one of the reasons why Blizzard become one of the most popular and successful gaming company in the world.


What else were announced by Dreamheaven?

As part of the event, Dreamheaven also announced their two internal studious. The studios are- Moonshot Games and Secret Door. Moonshot will be headed by a trio of Blizzard veterans. These include former Hearthstone lead Jason Chayes, Hearthstone creative director Ben Thompson and StarCraft II director Dustin Browder.

Well, Secret Door will be led by a former team of Blizzard developers which consists of Chris Sigaty who was the creative director on Hearthstone, Alan Dabiri who was the technical director on Warcraft III and StarCraft II and Eric Dodds who was the designer on World of Warcraft and Starcraft. Well, no projects were revealed for any on the studios.

Mike Morhaime
Mike Morhaime – Dreamheaven

He stepped down as CEO at Blizzard in 2018. But, continued to be on a consultancy role till the previous year. In an interview, he said that one of the goals of the company will be focusing on creating an environment on creators.

Morhaime, in a post, said that they will try to create an environment which will be allowing the creators to do their best work. Also, they have been successful in doing so for several years at Blizzard.

Previously, Morhaime and his team left Blizzard when they saw the increasing influence of Activision on Blizzard’s culture and process.

Also, Amy Morhaime, the wife of Mike Morhaime will be heading the operations of the company.


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