Minecraft 1.17 Caves & Cliffs Update Will Be Released In 2021

Minecraft 1.17 Caves

Minecraft Live is one of the most anticipated events in the gaming industry, especially for the Minecraft community. In this event, the players expect to get exciting news and announcements for future updates.


This year, Mojang showed up the big guns. They will be giving the fans enough to be excited about in terms of new content. And one of the great announcements was Minecraft v1.17 which will be coming with Caves and Cliffs update for the game.


the Minecraft v1.17 update is for the Minecraft: Java Edition and Bedrock Edition.

This update is one of the biggest updates in the Minecraft history. It will be rolling out significant elements to the game like new caves and mountains.

When can we expect to download the new Caves and Cliffs update?

As guessed from the size of the update, Mojang might be planning to roll out the update in mid-2021. The update will also introduce a new Mob in the form of the Glow Squid.

the Minecraft community was asked to vote for the Mob they wish to see in the next update. The community was given three choices and out of which, they chose the Glow Squid. The fans were very much excited to see what will they get as new challenges.

However, the update will be released after several months. Therefore, the players will have to wait a lot to get their hands on the new update. Also, Mojang has to release the official list of the additions of the game that will be arriving with the new update.

The Minecraft Live 2020 mainly focused on the Caves and Cliffs update showing off the Lush Caves along with some additional content that will be added to the game.

MinecraftJava Edition is playable on the Java devices, PC, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, PC, PS4, PS3, Fire OS, New Nintendo 3DS, Wii U, PS Vita, Xbox 360 and Mobile devices (Android, iOS and Windows).

Minecraft Bedrock is playable in the Android devices, iOS devices, PC, Fire OS and Windows Phone.


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