Minecraft designed a recreation of the first Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary

Minecraft offers endless possibilities to a creator of worlds. If you are able to envisage something in your mind, you will create it in the game. We have seen numerous recreations of things from TV Shows, Movies and even games being created on the game. Things like the creation of Hogwarts has mesmerized the fans across the board.


Therefore, it is always exciting to see what the players will recreate in the show. Now, we see that one player has created the Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary, which is one of the most famous locations in Skyrim. Hence, let us see what this is all about.


As Accurate as it can get

Now, the nature of the build is accurate as one can expect in Minecraft. The player has recreated things from the game with immaculate precision. It just does not have the characters of the Brotherhood in it.


They have even added the coffin of the Night Mother in the build. The Night Mother is also visible inside the coffin. The player has also gone to massive lengths to recreate the Black Door of the Sanctuary. Once the players approach the gate, they will be teleported inside the Sanctuary. Therefore, it manages to offer the real experience.

The Scale makes it precise

The sanctuary was posted online by the Reddit user Branman1234. One of the things which are great with this recreation is the scale of the build. The scale is exactly like the Sanctuary and it gives the feeling that you are inside the real one.

We have to say it would be more interesting to see the destroyed version of the Sanctuary. If the player manages to recreate the Dawnstar Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary, it would be even more interesting. This is the Sanctuary that the players unlock at the end of the Dark Brotherhood storyline.

The Grand Nature of Minecraft

This build is not the end of creativity in Minecraft. The players always tend to mesmerize the internet by introducing us to new builds. Minecraft has been used to teach kids about diabetes. It has also been used to spread awareness during the coronavirus pandemic. Hence, we have to say that the game is such a genius that it can take many forms.

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