Minecraft – New Mod lets you play Doom in-game! All you need to know!

Have you ever wondered building a real and working Windows 95 PC inside Minecraft? Well, the time has arrived. A new VM Computers mod has been built for Minecraft. This new mode lets the players order computer parts from a satellite which revolves around the world of Minecraft. This computer will boot Windows 95 and many other operating systems.


The new Mod with the massive amount of creativity and skills are too much impressive in Minecraft.

The Game has always offered a world to the players to explore and do new things. Sometimes, such mods come into light that requires jaw-dropping creativity. You will have to build the computer using the parts that you collect. Then you can boot some different operating systems too. Building a working computer in the game is itself an impressive thing to do. This computer which you build will be able to run programs and maybe a game?


The mod makes use of VirtualBox, which is an open-source to run Windows 95. Users have always kept on experimenting with VM Computers. A Reddit user uDrunkMate also ended up getting the original Doom players in the game. This has caught most of the people’s eyes on it. Creating a working game in a game itself seems to be very exciting.

Here is the Reddit post that shows the user playing Doom in game.

I played DOOM in Minecraft with VMComputers mod. from Minecraft

Minecraft is coming with a lot more experiments in its way. Well, if you can play other games then you will probably be able to play Minecraft inside the Minecraft.

Many players are still discovering and exploring this exciting game. They are busy finding ways to create new things that can be added to the game. Hence, all we have to do is sit and watch what is the limit of tech these days.

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