More than 2000 games remove from the app store in China!

Thousands of games have recently been removed from the Chinese version of the iOS App Store. This was revealed from a new report. The country has always had a strict approval system for video games. In, 2019, China’s game regulator confirmed that they plan to deny the poker and mahjong game licenses.


App store: What does the report say?

According to the new report by Sensor Tower, more than 2500 mobile games were removed from the Chinese App Store. It was a part of the plan for stricter enforcement of the game regulation rules of China. In the month of February, Apple confirmed that the plans to adhere to the National press of China and Publication Administration policy. This also meant that in the coming July 31, 2020, all the premium mobile games or mobile games with micro transactions will be removed if they do not have the ISBN. ISBN is issued by the administration.


The games that were removed had $37 million in China with 133.4 million installments. Some of the developers which might be surprising are Glu, Zynga, and Clash Royale developer Supercell which experienced its Hay Day to be removed in this storm.

The developers can enter their ISBN and documentation in order to prevent their games from getting removed. These removals might seem to be happening because the games are getting updated without even having an ISBN. According to the data from Google Play, Hay Day was updated recently on June 1, 2020. This corresponds to the report about the App Store removal of the game.

The mobile games industry ends up making a huge amount of money each year. And among this, China is of course of the greatest regions. Getting an ISBN might be difficult. Also, it can end up taking a lot of time. This also means that the developers will have to wait until they encounter the Chinese gamers.

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