Mortal Shell now has a Release date and an all new Trailer! All Details here!

Mortal Shell is an upcoming action role-playing game. The game was developed and published by Cold Symmetry and Playstack respectively. However, it’s expected to see the game on August 18. Well, we have also received the trailer of Mortal Shell.


Mortal Shell has a very distinct gameplay mechanic than Dark Souls and Bloodborne. This shows that Symmetry was planning to build a game very different from the famous Soulsborne games.


The four co-founders of Cold Symmetry said that they are very much excited to deliver the game to their fans. They have created a souls-like game that is authentic, unrelenting, and uncompromising. Therefore, they are very much happy with the positive feedback for their beta version of Mortal Shell. So, they are very much proud of the product they have created.

Release Date Trailer: Mortal Shell

Also, a closed beta was released last month. And this beta version ended up attracting more than 350,000 players. Also, they were able to gather even more than 5 million views on Twitch. The cat was stroked more than 150,000 times. Such a massive amount of players for the beta version has made it clear about the upcoming success of the game.

There is not only darkness in the game as experienced in the gameplay from the beta version of the game. This becomes clear from the trailer of the game. There is going to be intense combat along with a moment of reprieve for the character. Well, this is an interesting strategy for a game with Soulslike genre.

Mortal Shell will be available for $30 only. Getting such a great game at such a low price is really a great deal for the players.

Mortal Shell will be playable on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Epic Games Store. However, a Steam version of the game is planned to release in the year 2021.

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