New award for video games launched by Tribeca Film Festival

Tribeca Film Festival- The American film festival, held in Manhattan has decided to widen its scope by including video games in the fest which will be held in the next year in New York City. Tribeca is opening submissions for games to join the festival for the first time in 2021. The selections will be very official. The Tribeca games award will be endowed to the entries which will be made in the festival.


Tribeca also declared that a special board for advices will be formed and have people who know about video games and plays.



Among the members of the board are firstly the thirty year old American director and screenwriter Nia DaCosta. Other members include the writer, producer and also a director Jon Favreau who is fifty three years old, video game executive Bing Gordon is also there. We will also see Game Awards producer the forty one year old Geoff Keighley; the popular game creator Hideo Kojima known for death stranding.

Sam Lake, creative director of Remedy Entertainment; and Kiki Wolfkill, head of 343 Industries’ Halo transmedia and entertainment at Xbox are also there.



The co founder of the Tribeca enterprise said that this was as important step and very relevant too. The CEO also said that since a lot of movies are inspired from video games and a lot of video games are inspired from movies, it is important to give recognition to games as well.

James Rosenthal said that the festival wished to include the award in this year 2020 only. But the event was cancelled and postponed due to the coronavirus pandemic. So now the award will feature in the fest of next year.

The film festival of Tribeca will celebrate its twenty years in 2021, and they have tried to include video games in fest since 2011. These efforts thus have been going on for nine years.


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