New Fallout 76 patch includes level scaling and more!

Fallout 76 update

A new patch for Fallout 76 has been updated by Bethesda on September 15, 2020. This patch consists of level scaling, daily operations and legendary perks. Some quality-of-life and bug fixes and also been brought to make the navigating Appalachia a bit smoother. Travelling to the Settler and Raider communities of Foundation and Crater will now be free.


You can look into the complete patch notes in the official website of Bethesda’s Fallout. However, in this article, we have written about the features that are new this time.


Daily Ops

Daily Ops are an endgame encounter. This feature is around the map at The Burrows, Valley Galleria, Vault 94 and The Burning Mine. The first Daily Op is known as Uplink and the players will have to track and defeat the enemies from the Blood Eagle, Super Mutant of the Robot enemy factions. These enemies change their type of fighting with each Op.

One Wasteland

A dynamic level is added with One Wasteland scaling to Fallout 76. Therefore, each creature that you come across is going to be a challenge. This means that the players of a higher level can find challenges that have been explored by them previously. If there are multiplayer players in a single team then each creature will scale for each player.


Legendary Perks

The players of Fallout 76 can upgrade their character by making the use of the Perks card under SPECIAL stats. Legendary Perks are a new high-level card which is even more powerful than the default.

Season 2

A new season of Fallout 76 has started. This new season comes with new cosmetic rewards and weekly challenges. This season will end after 10 weeks and will be having 100 ranks. When the players complete the ranks they will be rewarded with armour, paints and skins, CAMP items, in-game currencies, themed cosmetics and more. Some of the rewards from the Season 1 like the handy Ammo Converter will still be available for Gold Bullion in the game.

Well, one huge update is yet to come for Fallout 76 in 2020. This update will be rolling out a Brotherhood of Steel-themed quest expansion. The Brotherhood of Steel can be found in Appalachia.

Fallout 76 is playable on Windows PC, PS4 and Xbox One


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