New Xbox Live games with Gold September 2020 confirmed

Xbox Gold September 2020

The Xbox is back for its Gold member with new games for September 2020. The two titles among these four games will be exclusive for Xbox One and another two are going to be compatible with both the Xbox One as well as Xbox 360.

The four Xbox Games for September 2020 for the Gold membership are The Division and The Book of Unwritten Tales 2 on Xbox One. The games that will be coming for Xbox 360 and Xbox One are De Blob 2 and Armed and Dangerous.

Last month Portal Knights, MX Unleashed, and Red Faction 2 ere the games that were given away for the Xbox Gold members. Well, the fourth title can still be redeemed before September 15 which is Override: Mech City Brawl for Xbox One.

Here is the short description of each of the games for September 2020 Xbox Gold subscribers:

The Division: on Xbox One


The Division is an online action and role-playing game. The game is set in snowy Manhattan. You will have to play the role of a sleeper operative who has to re-establish the order after New York City was cut off from the remaining world after being attacked by a bio-engineered virus and ensuring quarantine.

The Book of Unwritten Tales 2: on Xbox One


The Book of Unwritten Tales 2 is a comedy point-an-play adventure game. Playing the original version is not required to catch up with the latest story. This game is generally loved by fantasy lovers.

De Blob 2: on Xbox One and Xbox 360

Xbox Gold

De Blob 2 is a puzzle video game. You have the responsibility of bringing back colour to the World. Explore the monochromatic stages to leave colors behind you. You will have to fight the nefarious foes and team up with your friends to fill the world with colours in co-operative multiplayer mode.

Armed and Dangerous: on Xbox One and Xbox 360

Armed and Dangerous is a third-person action-adventure shooter game. You will be given the Land Shark Gun which can fire a shark into the ground to defeat your enemies. However, the number of enemies will prevent you from attacking, therefore you will have to be quick and smart.


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