No Man’s Sky – Finest 2020 mods you need to have!

No Man’s Sky dropped for the PC and got a rocky start. There were many issues with the game post its release for the platform. There were bugs, framerate issues, and environment issues wherein worlds used to pop up out of nowhere.


But these issues were slowly solved by time. They were many updates and fixes for the game which helped to solve these issues in No Man’s Sky. Now, we know for a fact that most people are happy with the experience. But, there are several mods for the PC which makes the game even more fun. So, here are our top picks for the different mods for the game.


Low flight Mode

In the many trailers of No Man’s Sky, it was depicted as how you can fly low to the ground and wreak havoc on your enemies. But the game does not allow you to do that. As soon as you approach the ground, the flight levels out. Many of the players do not like this and they want the ability to fly closer to the ground. The modder Hyker has the answer to this problem. The mod allows you to fly closer to the ground. If you get too close to the surface you might also end up crashing your ship. Hence, it leads to a more realistic experience.

Deep Space

This mod of the game makes space appear more realistic. The game without mod appears to be more void. The cosmos appear darker and the nebulae do not appear visible. This mod leads to making the game more vibrant. It also leads to the ground to appear more visually appealing. Therefore, it changes the look of the flora and fauna and takes it another level. Trust us, installing this mod will change your experience drastically.

Busier Space

One of the complaints is that the space appears empty. There are no beings to interact with and this mod takes care of that in No Man’s Sky. Space will appear in a more happening and populated place after installing this mod. But be sure that it also increases the chance of you coming in contact with a pirate. So, be mindful.

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