No More Heroes 3 delayed to 2021 due to COVID-19 pandemic

No More Heroes 3 is a Grasshopper Manufacturer’s action game. The game was scheduled to release in 2020. However, according to recent updates, the release date of the game No More Heroes, 3 is pushed to next year, which is in 2021.


Goichi Suda is the founder of Grasshopper as well as the game designer. Recently on Wednesday, there was a statement by him on Twitter. He announced that the sequel to Nintendo Switch will now be released next year.


Suda further added that since the development of No More Heroes 3 is greatly affected by the global COVID pandemic, the release date is pushed to next year. Furthermore, he mentioned that the development team will now focus to prioritise the quality of Switch exclusive.

No More Heroes 3 accounts to be the first action game in Grasshopper’s series. Further, the game was announced as a Nintendo Switch Game at E3 2019. In the game we see the assassin Travis Touchdown wield his beam katana to kill the stuff that comes from outer space.

Further, Suda in his statement said that all the members of No More Heroes3 were working very hard for the release of the game in 2020. However, due to the COVID pandemic, there have been unforeseen delays in the development of the game. Also, he apologized and expected all fans of No More Heroes 3  to understand and accept their decision. No doubt fans were waiting for the release of No More Heroes this year, but unfortunately current global COVID pandemic has brought in delays in its development.

Delay in the development of No More Heroes 3 due to COVID pandemic:

Though there was a delay in the development of the game No More Heroes 3 due to COVID pandemic now all the staff members of Grasshopper are back on their feet for the development of the game.


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