Overwatch new update secretly removed a controversial spray from the game!

In a recent, Overwatch update which addressed a controversy that gained new traction because of the recent events. This leads to the removal of a character-specific spray. Fortunately for Blizzard, this has not so much to do with any of the specific problems related to the character of Overwatch or of the own actions of the franchise.

This latest controversy was put into the light as a result of the Black Lives Matter movement. This has brought several images that were controversial into the attention of the public. This consisted of a popular spray in Overwatch. Also, this is not the first time when Blizzard has removed cosmetics from the game. It did so in the past either because of timed events or the public outcry at the emotes sprays and the costumes the community thinks is harmful.

The spray belongs to McCree which has let the players leave the image of a noose all around the map. This has happened since the launch of the game from the very first time. This was one of the oldest cosmetics in Overwatch.

However, these nooses had a bad reputation which was a racist symbol. This had a history of lynching against people of color. This was especially in the USA. The recent BLM movement has put light on such negative symbols. Therefore, as a result, the noose was removed. However, Blizzard did not say anything about the actual reason for its removal of the game. They did not make any official announcement and simply made the change.

Here is the picture of the replacement of the spray in Overwatch

Alongside, the removal of the noose, Overwatch also replaced the spray by coming up with a new symbol which fits the character and the style of McCree. The new image now has an upside-down horseshoe with “Bad Luck” written at the top. This is a symbol that is common in the west. This is used to represent good or bad luck which depends upon the way it is hung.

Overwatch is currently playable on PC, Switch, PS4, and Xbox One.

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