Pokemon Go datamine revealed new loading screen image with several hints about new Pokemon

Pokemon Go datamine: Pokemon GO datamine latest datamine reveals a replacement loading screen image packed with hints concerning new Pokemon coming back to the mobile square measure game someday before long.


While most trainers are busy running around battle Team GO Rocket grunts and leaders, some players are already wanting forward to what’s next for Pokemon GO. The mobile square measure game has Associate in Nursing action packed summer planned and also the latest datamine offers some extra hints concerning what players have coming back within the close to future.


Pokemon Go: News

Obviously the largest event coming back to the mobile square measure game this summer is Pokemon GO Fest 2020, however that’s not the sole issue to be excited concerning. There are some major hints concerning new Pokemon inward in Pokemon get into the approaching months and also the new datamine throws some additional fuel on the fires of that rumor. Whether or not the new Pokemon and forms can arrive as a district of GO Fest 2020 or later throughout a special event remains a mystery, however the latest image will tease some exciting new Pokedex entries.

Some lucky players might have already got one in all these Pokemon in their assortment, except for the foremost half any of those creatures would be new for players. As always, detain mind that everything uncovered within the data mine remains subject to alter and has not been formally declared or confirmed by Niantic at this time. Thereupon in mind, here’s a glance at what the most recent crawl of the computer file discovered…

New Pokemon noticed In Loading Screen Image
Much like the key art for Pokemon GO Fest 2020, the new summer loading screen that was noticed within the files includes some hidden hints concerning new arrivals in the game. Additionally to a awfully furtive Mega Charizard X, there are four different (mostly) new info V Pokemon who create Associate in Nursing look within the art.

In addition to the new loading screen, the data mine went on to incorporate a bunch of updates and schoolwork work for approaching events or releases. Mixed in with everything else was conjointly some code that looks to be giving birth the groundwork to unharness addition Galarian kind Pokemon within the mobile game.

As trainers continue operating through all of those superb events, they’ll need to stay searching down the most effective Unova Pokemon within the game if rising their Battle Raid rosters and finishing their Pokedex is their primary goal. Make sure to see back within the close to future for additional Pokemon GO strategy guides, news, and updates.

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