Pokemon Go Kanto Tour Event Review & More

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Pokemon is the biggest and famous multimedia franchise to ever exist and continues to be prevalent in the minds and hearts of players, card game players, and anime watchers around the world.




The Go Tour Challengers in the game are the Kanto Tour event in February 2021. Pokemon Go Tour: Kanto is set to be a huge event, similar in scope to Pokemon Go Fest.

Details of Tour:

Pokemon Go Kanto Tour will be open until Sunday, February 28, 2021, at 7:59 p.m in your local time zone. The Kanto Tour is a 12-hour event being held on February 20th, 2021, and the price of the ticket is $11.99.

What happens in the Tour?

The game Tour that is Kanto Tour is a great way for players to experience the first generation. The Pokemon series changed the world when it released game back in 2016.

During this event, players will be able to choose between two different versions, Red or Green, and each comes along with their own exclusive Pokemon.

Pokemon Red and Pokemon Green gameplay experience by battling in-game Trainer characters as you explore. And complete Timed Research to earn rewards. They’re out at those little dark-colored Pokestops, so you’ll need to get out and fight a few of them to complete this challenge.

Also, players have the chance to encounter Shiny versions of all the original 150 Characters. This is a great chance to fill out the holes in the Kanto Pokedex.

Preparation for the Kanto Tour event in Pokemon Go.

First of all, make a list to enjoy the Kanto tour:

  • Shiny Pokemon
  • Use Star Pieces and Lucky Eggs
  • Understand each version
  •  Purchase Raid Passes

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Review of Pokemon Go Tour Kanto Tour:

Kanto Tour exceeded expectations in every way, making it far and away the best-ticketed event Niantic has ever held. If ticketed events are consistently like this and rather than December’s Galarian Mr. Mime event, then I can whole-heartedly recommend buying all tickets going forward.

Looking at this specific event, it was a fun and nuanced twelve hours of engaging gameplay for essentially the price of a movie ticket. As I now work on my Masterwork Research to earn a Shiny Mew encounter, I am still, even after the event has ended, enjoying what I paid for.