Pokemon Sword and Shield Has a Sneaky Isle of Armor Trial Exploit And More Information!

The very first DLC expansions for the Pokemon Sword and Shield was released earlier this summer through the Isle of Armor expansion. Also, Sword and Shield experienced a massive hike in their sales. They were successful in hitting the milestone of 18.22 million units that were sold in total.

The Isle of Armor ended up adding a lot of new Pokemon and items in Sword and Shield. The players are still discovering many new things. Recently, one of the players found an exploit that let them take an extra Pokemon in Pokemon Sword and Shield using the Kubfu trails, which helped them to speed up the things.

We know that the Pokemon Sword and Shield’s Isle of Armor DLC were rolled out a few months ago. However, the players the busy exploring the islands and catching all the new Pokemon that were newly added to the game. Well, you might be aware of the fact that the whole DLC mainly focuses on the Pokemon called Kubfu. One of the main tasks that the players will have to complete is to help train Kubfu.

Well, In Pokemon Sword and Shield the trials in question focus the two towers on the Isle of Armor: The Tower of Darkness and the Tower of Water, the players will have to climb one of these towers. This will be helping you train the Pokemon Kubfu, which further evolves into Urshifu. Typically, the players can use only Kubfu during the tower trail. But, a Reddit user mismatched7 found a trick that will let the players use the other Pokemon instead of Kubfu on the path. This will end up making the challenge even easier for the players.

He found that if the players are currently climbing one of the towers. They will be receiving a mystery gift Pokemon when they are inside the tower. They will be getting that Pokemon, which they can use along with Kubfu. To note that this trick will, only if you receive the mystery box.

Pokemon Sword and Shield is playable on Nintendo Switch.

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