‘Population’ could be the first ever big battle royale game for VR

Population Battle Royale

Population: One is the latest Battle Royale game which was released on October 22, 2020. But, it has a twist as it is in virtual reality. This game is slightly different than the normal games of the BR genre. It is a squad-based VR Battle Royale.


Population: One also features crossplay which allows the players with any type of VR device to compete against each other.


It is one of the biggest VR releases of 2020. Population: One takes some of the best aspects of the BR genre which was made popular by Fortnite. It is an online PvP and cross-platform multiplayer game. Play with your squad to survive till the end.

Population: One

Population: One excels with the most standard features of the battle royale genre. You will find a lot of weapons to loot. There is a huge world for you to explore and the map gets smaller and smaller. The game also features a building mechanic like Fortnite.

If you like playing on VR and Fortnite is your favourite then Population: One is your game. The game will allow players to team up in a squad of three. There are in-game events and fresh content. The players will also be able to shoot while gliding, high five squadmates after a victory, and even fist bump to add a random teammate as a friend.

According to BigBox VR, there are unlimited possibilities of combat. Bringing the battle royale genre to virtual reality might be a huge risk and this one might be just perfect. And, Population: One seems to be worth to give a try. Drop into a colourful world soon. 

Population: One will be playable on the PC and will launch on 22 October 2020.


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