Preorders for Oculus Quest 2 are available now

Oculus Quest 2 available

Oculus has finally announced its latest VR headset. The new headset will be called Oculus Quest 2. This is the successor of the popular Quest Series. The Oculus Quest 2 is an all-in-one VR headset. This head has some changes. However, it is currently available for pre-order.


The Oculus Quest 2 will be released on October 13. It comes with two different models: 64GB at a price of $299 and 256GB at a price of $399.


The experience of the Oculus Quest 2 is similar to the original Quest. However, this one has some significant improvements like the refresh rate and resolution along with general specs. The resolution has been increased to 1832×1920 from 1600×1440 at a refresh rate of 90Hz. Well, it supports a refresh rate of 72Hz with an experimental refresh rate of 90Hz for the system software such as Home and Browser.

The Oculus Quest 2 is equipped with a Qualcomm Snapdragon XR2 processor and 6GB of RAM. However, the battery life of the Quest 2 has not been improved. So, it will have a playtime of 2-3 hours just like its predecessor.

this headset is quite smaller and comparatively more comfortable than the original one. It is easier to put on and take off when wearing glasses. It is also comfortable if put on for a longer period of time. This headset also features a new strap system.

Oculus Quest 2

The IPD can be adjusted by moving the lenses that are present inside the headset. This will therefore allow you to choose ocular distances like the 58, 63 and 68mm. This is the distance between your pupil and the headset. So, you will have to keep the proper setting for producing the clearer image.

Some Oculus Quest 2 accessories were also revealed that can be used with the new headset. A $49 carrying case and $39 facial interface two-pack. An Elite strap for $49. A carrying case for $129 and a $79 Oculus Link cable.

Technical specifications of Oculus Quest 2:

  • Dimensions: 191.5mm x 102mm x 142.5mm (strap folded in), 191.5mm x 102mm x 295.5mm (strap fully opened up)
  • Weight: 503g
  • Tracking: 6 degrees of freedom head and hand tracking via integrated Oculus Insight technology.
  • Storage: 64GB or 256GB
  • Display Panel: Fast-switch LCD
  • Resolution: 1832×1920 per eye
  • Refresh-Rate: 72Hz at launch; 90Hz support to come
  • SoC: Qualcom SnapdragonTM XR2 Platform
  • Audio: Integrated speakers and microphone. It is  also compatible with 3.5mm headphones.
  • RAM: 6GB
  • Battery Life: 2-3 hours of playtime which depend on the content that you are playing.
  • Charge Time: Comes with a USB-C power adapter, takes about 2.5 hours for charging entirely.
  • IPD: Adjustable IPD with three settings for 58, 63 and 68mm.


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